Anne Kull

Anne Kull, University of Tartu, School of Theology and Religious Studies

I graduated from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago with Ph.D. in 2000 (“A Theology of Technonature Based on Donna Haraway and Paul Tillich”). Since then I have worked at the University of Tartu, Estonia, from 2005 as Professor of Systematic Theology. My research interests have been in science and religion, theological anthropology (incl. gender studies) and contemporary theology in its many varieties (ecological, liberative, feminist etc). My work is also my hobby, in addition I like hiking, especially in the mountains. 

In ReliGen project I coordinate the activities of the Estonian research group. I will inquire about the gender justice and family values ideology particularly in Estonia, will look at the Lutheran World Federation material and the reception of it in the Estonian Lutheran church. 


University of Tartu