Morta Vidūnaitė


Morta Vidūnaitė, PhD candidate in sociology at Vytautas Magnus University


Morta Vidūnaitė is a PhD student of Sociology of Religion in the Dept. of Sociology, Vytautas Magnus University. The topic of her PhD thesis is the female leadership in the Lithuanian Roman Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran churches. Her research goes beyond secular liberal thinking and concentrates on the empowerment and agency of religious women as well as the effect of religious diversification and secularisation on their religious identity.

Morta has also a background in political science, mainly the role of international dimension on democratic consolidation and humans rights. She is a political columnist and contributor to Oxford Analytica, writing on the themes of gender equality, violence against women, LGTBQ rights, human rights, social equality. 

For this project, Morta is doing a fieldwork, making in-depth interviews with women from different religious organisations, etc. 

Photo by Maria Cavali.
Vytautas Magnus University